It’s a great time to buy real estate in South Florida. As many buyers are discovering, it’s an excellent market filled with opportunities, both for those who are looking for their own first homes and for those who are looking to up or downsize. If you’re still on the fence about buying or you aren’t sure whether or not now is the time, check out this range of great reasons to start the investment process and buy your piece of South Florida real estate today.

1.There are a wide range of pre-construction opportunities.

Properties are coming up fast–and that means an excellent chance to get in on the ground floor of those purchases. You have the opportunity to design your home from the ground up, choosing everything from the floor plan that works best for you to the important details that tie a home together.

2.You have the option to buy homes new.

Along with that increase in construction comes the ability to buy newly-constructed homes. As we covered in a previous post, “10 Reasons to Buy New,” there are a number of great advantages to buying new construction, including the peace-of-mind that you aren’t getting someone else’s mess and all the maintenance that have may been overlooked for many years. A newly-constructed home can help you save money over the time you spend living in the house, since you’ll get the most efficient HVAC unit, insulated doors and windows that will help keep cool air in your house, save more, a headache, and more!

3.Growing market means a better time to buy.

Right now, much of the South Florida is blooming with new real estate. That means that you’ll be able to secure prices that, in a few years, will seem like a dream! This also mean equity! This also gives you the upper hand in choices of neighborhoods to move into, rather than having to wait for the perfect property to open up.

4. Deals on the table are going up.

It’s become routine for buyers in South Florida to get the deals that they’re looking for on their properties–and those details have been on the rise throughout 2018. 2016 and 2017 saw great buying prices throughout South Florida, and those are deals that are increasing throughout 2019. If you want the opportunity to secure a sweet deal on your dream home, then now’s the time to do it–and savvy buyers are acting fast so that they don’t miss out on the opportunity in front of them. You don’t want to miss out on the perfect chance to buy a home for yourself (and your family) at a price that you can’t refuse. You’ll thank yourself later!

5.You can get a vacation home or retirement property that’s specifically tailored to your needs.

Have you ever wanted a vacation home in South Florida for yourself or your family? Are you ready to retire and considering the warmer climate of Florida for yourself and your spouse? Now is the time to buy! With so much growth going on, you can buy that home that’s perfect for you! Need a vacation home that has enough room for all the kids to have their own bedrooms? How about an active-adult, 55+ community full of amenities? Delray Beach has new homes that’s just the right size for yourself and your spouse– with options for a guest bedroom or two so the family can come to visit! If you can dream it, you can build it–and now is the perfect time to do it in South Florida’s booming real estate market.

6.Florida offers decreased income tax.

If you’re thinking about relocating for retirement or looking for an area where you can decrease your income tax, Florida’s lower income tax will help former New York and California residents keep their budgets balanced. Since it’s no longer possible to deduct local and state income taxes on federal returns, many residents will appreciate this key benefit of moving to Florida.

7.Property in South Florida is likely to appreciate in the coming years.

Property that you buy this year will increase in value quickly. Before you know it, that property will be worth much more than its initial purchase price, making it a fantastic investment that you and your family will be sure to appreciate long-term. Keep in mind when you’re buying a property that you want to keep an eye on long-term value: you want a property that will continue to appreciate, not one that will need extensive, expensive repairs throughout your time there. Investing in a new or pre-construction home is a great way to ensure that you’ll get a high-quality property that will allow you to easily maintain your investment over time and grow your equity.

8.Florida has a strong economy that’s likely to continue to offer advantages to buyers.

The strong economy means that even those who will need to relocate in order to pick up property in South Florida will quickly discover that there are plenty of employment opportunities. This can be particularly alluring to millennial buyers, who are still in search of strong economic areas where they can build their careers as they raise their families. This strong economy will also continue to draw other people in, making it the perfect option for buyers who may want to sell their new property in a few short years at an increased rate.

For individuals who are ready to make a property investment, South Florida presents a field of opportunities–and the time to invest is now! If you’re looking for a great property, let us help you find the one that will meet your needs. We’re committed to building new communities that will allow you to make the move to South Florida–and into your dream home. Contact us today to learn more about our current projects and how you can find the ideal property for your needs.


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