If you’re looking to buy a home in Florida this year, no doubt you’ve been watching resale houses hop onto and fly off of the market at lightning speed. Florida real estate is active enough to keep any buyer on their toes. But you don’t necessarily have to compete for the same pool of houses being re-sold for the dozenth time to get the Florida house of your dreams. Rather than competitively bidding for homes that have already been owned and lived in by many other people before you, why not take a look at new-construction homes that are just being finished and becoming ready for their very first owners this year?

New-construction homes have an incredible number of benefits compared to resale homes, most of which you can probably guess for yourself. No one else has lived there before, so you get all the firsts. There are no smells, weird paint colors, or leftover DIY projects from previous owners. No junk in the attic, no dust in the cupboards, and all the appliances are brand-new. But today, we’re here to share the more unusual benefits of buying a new-construction home. Perhaps some reasons to choose new-construction that you hadn’t thought of yet that will sound pretty good compared to the challenges and risks of a traditional resale home purchase.

Finally, Enough Power Outlets for Everything

Older homes were designed with older lifestyles in mind. Likewise, new homes were designed with a modern professional lifestyle in mind. And that means one very significant difference between resale and new-construction homes: Power outlets. You may have struggled in the past to find enough outlets to plug in your TV, computer, sound system, game consoles, and keep your phone charging all at the same time. But not with new-construction homes.

Homes that have been built in the last 5 years are far more likely to have a plethora of power outlets, some even with USB charging ports, to accommodate all your high-tech lifestyle needs.

Open Flowing Floor Plans

Speaking of modern home designs, new construction homes are also far more likely to have the open living floor plan style you’re looking for. Modern home buyers, likely including yourself, are looking for open floor plans that flow from one room to another. Older homes are more likely to have the Den, Living Room, Dining Room, and Kitchen all closed off from each other with narrow doorways and closed doors. Newer homes allow these areas to flow together so a diversely occupied family can still spend time together and move easily through the house without going through a half-dozen different doors.

If you’re looking for an open house plan, there’s no need to buy an old house then plan to take out the walls. A new-construction home is more likely to have an entertainer kitchen, an open living area, and a verandah design that flows smoothly from the living room to the backyard deck. You are also more likely to find indoor balconies, vaulted ceilings, and diverse illumination for multi-light-level control.

No Surprises Buried in the Yard

One strange thing you never know about a resale home is what is buried in the backyard. Time capsules, broken bottles, dead pets, old car parts. There’s no telling what your dog or shovel-wielding child will dig up in the back yard. For every harmless deflated tennis ball, there are also shards of broken glass or even potentially poisonous items buried in the yard.

On the flip side, one thing you can be absolutely sure about with a new-construction home is that there’s nothing in the ground but foundation, tree roots, and perhaps a few paving stones as part of the landscaping. You can safely send your child outdoors to play with a shovel and trust that your dog will be safe out digging in the yard.

Avoid Tip-Toeing Around Finicky Sellers

Finicky sellers are among the biggest challenge when competing for in-demand real estate. When sellers have their pick of interested buyers, they can play negotiation games or decide to choose the family they like best to feel good about the sale. This is their right. Everyone has the option to hand-select who they sell to, and to refuse to sell to someone they don’t like. But tip-toeing around seller feelings or requirements can be a tedious and challenging part of buying a house. Especially if the seller is finicky or playing games.

A new construction house, on the other hand, is bought directly from the builders. Builders want to sell the house and because they haven’t lived in the homes, there are no personal feelings to tip-toe around during the negotiation and buying process. You can trust that a new construction home will come drama-free because home builders don’t do drama the way private sellers can.

Manufacturer & Builder Warranties

The last unexpected perk of buying a new-construction home is that almost everything about your house is still under warranty. All the appliances are brand new providing both excellent performance and warranty-covered upkeep. Your roof shingles and other building materials will still be under manufacterer warranty. And the home itself is likely to come with a builder warrant, guaranteeing the high quality and safety put into building the house. This is how builders make it clear that they are confident that their work is worthy to become your new family home.

When you buy a new-construction home, you get something no other homeowner can boast, a complete set of protective warranties on nearly every structural or mechanical aspect of your house. Be sure to ask about active warranties before you take the keys.

Buying a new home in Florida can be a real challenge, but why scramble for resale homes when you can become a founding member of a brand new community in a home no one else has ever lived in? Besides the obvious benefits of junk-free attics and that fresh-lumber smell, these less considered benefits of a new construction house can make a huge difference in your satisfaction with your family’s new home. For more about new construction homes and how to secure one for yourself, contact us to schedule an appointment today! We’re building new neighborhoods and homes every day, just waiting for families to make new-construction neighborhoods into living communities.