What is Village Green?2018-10-17T18:18:06+00:00

Village Green is a vision plan for a new, residential development on a portion of the Village Golf Club Golf Course.  The vision plan for Village Green provides the community with a number of benefits over and above the property’s current condition as a declining golf operation. Some of these benefits include: a newly redesigned and modern 9-hole golf course open to the public, improved property values, ample lakes and landscape buffers, exclusively residential for-sale homes (no commercial, retail, or rentals) and ultimately, the removal of the cloud of uncertainty that exists surrounding golf course properties in Palm Beach County today.

Who is 13th Floor Homes?2018-10-17T18:18:15+00:00

13th Floor Homes is one of South Florida’s largest homegrown development and homebuilding companies. We focus on South Florida not only because it is our home base, but because we believe in its future as one of the most desirable places to live in the country. We are dedicated to adding value in this community through the successful repurposing and repositioning of infill properties throughout the area.

Does 13th Floor own the Village Golf Club property yet?2018-10-17T18:18:27+00:00

No. The former golf course is currently owned by Village Golf Club, Inc. Unlike other development companies, 13th Floor Homes wants to seek public input before purchasing the property to ensure that the vision plan aligns with community wants and needs.

Why redevelop now?2018-10-17T18:18:34+00:00

The future of golf in South Florida continues to be uncertain. Fewer people are taking up golf and those who play are playing less often. This decline has left many communities with a choice of how to respond to the changing dynamic as golf courses continue to close in the tri-county area. It is our goal, through our proposed redevelopment, to create something that will improve property values and appearance throughout the community, while maintaining a more manageable 9-hole course.

How can I learn more?2018-10-17T18:17:52+00:00

13th Floor Homes will be hosting in-depth Open House meetings where residents can come, see and learn about the Village Green vision plan. Members of the 13th Floor Team will be present to answer any questions that you may have. If you are unable to attend your scheduled Open House meeting, please contact us at VillageGreen@13thFloorHomes.com and we will be happy to find time to meet with you and to answer any and all of your questions.

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